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Mentored Portfolio Case Study

Class: Mentored Portfolio

Date started: January 28th, 2013

Date finished: May 13, 2013 (Last day of class)

Mentor: Professor Krikun

As the class name suggests, Mentored Portfolio was about gathering all my old and new art pieces together, and having them critiqued by my mentor Professor Krikun. From her critiques, I learned which pieces were my strongest, which pieces should be redone, and unfortunately, which ones should be left out (or could be redone if I wanted to.)

One of my strongest pieces in my portfolio was the CD Cover Redesign Project I did in high school.The CD cover redesign project was done mostly using Photoshop for the images, Illustrator was used for most of the text in the design. There was a few parts I wrote free hand as well. The final design was then  imported into Indesign, where it would be printed on one of those huge, fancy printers (wish I had the photo of the CD covers in an actual CD case too!)

The weakest link in my portfolio was the Photoshop puzzle….It’s not in my gallery anymore though! The Photoshop Puzzle project was a project where we would Photoshop random things into a photo and had to guess what didn’t belong after comparing it to the original. I personally liked it…but sometimes we can’t get attached to our own artwork!

As for things that should be worked on, I’ll just make a list since it’s easier!

  • Word Documents: Going to try importing them into Indesign and adding photos to it (should be fun…hopefully.)
  • Personal Portfolio Website (explained a bit more in the next paragraph)
  • Fix Double Page Layout (Spider-man)
  • Fix problems with Van Gogh  Page Layouts

During these critiques, I was also given guidance about which classes I should take in the next semester, and what path I should take towards my career goal in the video game industry. It was also suggested that I build upon my web design skills and create a better personal portfolio website for myself over the summer vacation. (See the website layouts here.)

All and all, I’m glad I took the Mentored Portfolio class (even though it’s required either way!)  I learned a lot to help me improve my portfolio from Professor Krikun’s critique sessions; and I’m not saying that just because I know you’re reading this right now Professor Krikun!~ Have a great summer! (*^▽^)/

~ Ari Brown__〆(・ω・` )


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