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The Creation Process for Block’d (Part 2): Animatic, and Animating

After the storyboard received the green light from the art director (professor, teacher, overlord, same thing!) , I created an animatic out of my storyboard sketches. The point of the animatic was to serve as a guideline to how the animation would play out. My animatic wasn’t very detailed; but it did give me the main ideas for the basic key frames. Thus began the long process of animating…

When I started animating, I felt like I had an idea that I wanted to start with the middle frame (formerly known as keyframe 07) because it was one of the longest scenes I had in mind, and the scenes before and after it would play a crucial role in telling the story (since there was no voice acting involved). While working on key frame 7 I decided to add the coloring into the scene as I go on, that way the coloring step would be out of the way and I could focus more on finishing the other scenes without having to worry about going back to add it later.

Story Board animatic.

These are the scenes from the storyboard illustrations played as a gif.

Early work on keyframe 7.

Early work on keyframe 7.


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The Creation Process for Block’d (Part 1): Idea and Storyboard

Tomorrow is the big day for presenting our animations in class! At this point I’ve got just about everything done except for a few missing sound effects and some tweaks to previous scenes (ignoring the temptation of adding new scenes is difficult too). Anyway, I thought it’d be a good idea to write the case study as divided posts, that way I’m taking care of whatever is left to fill in on my WordPress.

So here it is! Part 1 of…a lot!?

I had many inspirations for creating Block’d. The first, and probably obvious one was the game Minecraft. I felt that the world of Minecraft would be the perfect place to make my first animation in. It’s simple style and limitless possibilities for creation left me with a lot of room to get creative with; without having to start from scratch too. My second source of inspiration came from a fellow animator known as TuxedoMob; who’s Flash tutorial’s and Achievement Hunter Animated series had a large influence on my animation style and also inspired me to take the 2D animation course from the start.

The idea for “Block’d” (which by the way, definitely did end up as the final title for the animation!) was based off an adventure me and my friend had while playing Minecraft.  At first I wanted Block’d to be about a long, climatic adventure between two friends on a quest for the ultimate material in the game (diamond), and fighting various monsters along the way. The idea of animating that would take waaaaay too long for me to animate; so instead, the beginning of that said adventure was extracted, and turned into it’s own little animation. You can read all about it in the storyboard page.

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Ajar Productions: Flash Motion Blur Extension

Download extension here
(Requires Flash CS4 or Higher to work)

Ajar Production’s motion blur extension allows Flash users to easily create a motion blur effect by setting up a motion tween, and using a symbol that is a movie clip. (Note: The motion blur command will convert the symbol to a movie clip if you’ve already set it up as a graphic.) The extension works by analyzing movement in the motion tween, and generates independent blurring values for X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) movements. It can also work with some rotation and movement on the z-plane (3D), but its primarily designed to generate X and Y motions. For ease of use, make sure you have your motion path set up before applying the motion blur (which is found in the Command>Motion Blur menu).