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General Camera Techniques Analysis

Date: 2/5/12
CameraTechniques: Pan, angle of framing, medium close-up shot.
Movie: Lord of the Ring: Return of the King
Scene: Deleted scene- Saruman’s death

I couldn’t post both parts for some reason, so I just posted part 1 since it’s longer. You can find the last part in the suggested videos section on youtube.

In this scene of Lord of The Ring: Return of the King, there’s a lot of cinematography techniques used. One of the camera movement techniques used in the scene is the pan shot. A pan shot is when the camera moves between an object/character to another character/object. In the beginning of the video, the camera view slowly moves from the debris to the back view of the group heading toward Saruman’s tower. Another camera technique I found in the video was the use of angle shots (known as angle of framing). As the name suggest, angle of framing shows different angles of a shot from low angles to high angles. I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed the angle shots already without having me point them out.  The  final technique I’ll talk about is the medium close-up shot. A medium close-up shot is a close-up shot of a character where you can see approximately from their chest area to their face. The scene shows characters from a medium shot a lot when their talking or when the camera is switching to different characters during the conversation. The medium close-up shots are also seen at different angles of framing. Thus, these are but a few of the techniques used in this one scene of Lord of The Ring: Return of the King. Just imagine how many techniques are used in the whole movie…

P.S: The answer to that is more than you can count.


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