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Poster Animation

*Description on the video*

Music: “Phase IV” by Lo-fi is Sci-fi
Photo:A Black Labrador Retreiver at age 6 months By RockyDoggy123 on Wiki Commons
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My first animation using Adobe Flash CS5. The class project is called Design for Good. In this project, I had to pick nonprofit organizations to redesign the logo, and create a poster for them using Adobe Illustrator CS5. I choose Mutty Paws Rescue for my project since they were a new-(ish) non-profit organization and seemed like they could use a hand in getting the word out.

After designing the poster and logo, next step was to import the poster into Flash and give it a small animation. It wasn’t easy learning flash in the limited time we had left in the semester, but after some practice in the program, I managed to get the hang of it. Enjoy the animation!

– Ari Brown


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