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Case Study

Project: Design for Good

Goal: Improving the logo and creating a poster for a nonprofit organization.

Organization: Mutty Paws Rescue

Date Started: Feburary 2, 2013

Date Finished: May 14th, 2013 (Last day of class)

In the Design for Good project, I was given the task of finding a nonprofit organization to redesign the logo for (using a found object), and a poster (along with an animation of that poster) for their marketing campaign. Since Mutty Paws Rescue was fairly new and active organization, I decided they’d be the best choice for the project.

Finding an object to fit the name Mutty Paws Rescue wasn’t very difficult at all. I thought it should either  be a paw print (like their original logo has), a portrait view of a dog, or a sort of interaction between a human and a dog. I first went with the paw print idea, but it didn’t feel like it was enough to redesign a logo with. So I went back and used an image I found on their Twitter page of a person holding a dogs paw. After finding my objects, I brought them into Adobe Illustrator CS5, and  traced over them using the pen tool. Well, at least just for the human holding a dog’s paw. The paw print was fine after being image traced and there didn’t seem like anymore work would be required for editing it. The only challenge I faced with this part of the project was using the mesh tool on the object to color it.  After tampering with the mesh tool and much frustration, I managed to get a small part of it done and I decided to go with the base colored object instead.

Redesigning the logo was very time consuming and one of the most challenging parts in the project. I’m not going to go on too far with that part though, or else it would take up the whole page. As you may have seen  in the logo redesign gallery, there were many iterations I created as potential candidates for the redesign. Some designs were either hot on the trail, or dead cold. And I had to keep making constant changes, from changing the font, the background, or the whole design. It took about three weeks (since class was only once a week and I had to have my designs critiqued for approval) to finally get on the right path.   After getting to my final two choices of iterations, I decided to go with the second iteration, because the color black is the most predominate color on their website. The outlined text was also much better looking on a dark background rather than having it against a lighter background. The paw print was originally going to be a brown color, but it clashed too much with the dog’s paw in the object. It was then decided to change the paw print blue since it is a complementary color to the orange text. The dog’s paw in the object was also changed to a lighter brown, so it would pop out from the background more.

The next part was designing the poster, and importing the design as symbols into Flash CS5 for the animation. Making the poster designs felt easier than designing the logo. Possibly could’ve been contributed by the fact that I was working on designing the Peekskill Community Gardens poster designs during the semester as well. The only issues I had with creating the poster was  getting the text to flow with contrast/variety like in Door Number 3 poster designs. Something that I still need to work on as a designer. After getting the poster design done, the next part was more of a quick glance at animation and how to create one. It was difficult at first since I never used Flash CS5 before, but after practicing for the first week, I managed to get the animation done by the next week of class. I had a few issues with exporting the document and adjusting the animation’s time, but it was nothing a little Google researching could solve.

Animation is here.


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