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Storyboard/Idea Concepts

 Idea Concept #1: A Quest for Diamonds!!  Block’d (Definitely not the final title!)

*Notes before reading*

*The animation takes place in the world of Minecraft*
*Obsidian block (The mystery block in the animation*

Alright, so this one is still the same concept as idea #1, except it’s much shorter for animating convenience! The story in this animation will now focus on the discovery of an obsidian block inside one of the character’s house, and the two Minecraft character’s failed attempts at getting rid of it.
The opening scene is an outside view of a Minecraft town, and then a transition into Andrew’s (character with glasses) house. There, Wolfie (wolf-like character) makes an entrance into the scene and discovers the obsidian block in the middle of Andrew’s house. Focused on the strange block, Wolfie does not notice Andrew’s appearance from the other side of the room. Taking immediate notice of the strange block and Wolfie; Andrew jumps to the conclusion that this was another one of Wolfie’s mischievous pranks, and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t remove the block. Unable to fully convince Andrew it wasn’t his doing, and not wanting to die like anyone in the world; Wolfie agrees to help Andrew in getting rid of the block; but only because his life is being threatened.

In the next scene, the two characters are standing around the block, trying to think of ways to get rid of it. That’s when Wolfie comes up with a couple of “unhelpful” ideas; to which, Andrew immediately shutdowns. Eventually they both agree on using a pickaxe (well, more like that was Andrew’s idea first, but Wolfie was a bit slow to catch on and ended up blurting it out around the same time Andrew was suggesting it). The next scene shows Wolfie picking away at the obsidian block diligently, but to no avail. Instead they end up with a pile of broken pickaxes and are forced to think of another way to get rid of the obsidian block.

While digging thru the tool box to find something to remove the block with, Wolfie carelessly throws dangerous tools over his shoulders, and even manages to kill Andrew by accident! Of course Andrew doesn’t take his death so lightly, and immediately after respawning back into the house, he’s ready to kill Wolfie again! Luckily, Wolfie is very proficient in puppy eyes and begging! In fact, he even manages to convince Andrew of going with his original idea of blowing up the obsidian block after many more failed attempts at getting rid of the block.

After the two characters finish setting up a lot of explosives, that would be sure enough to get rid of any Minecraft block; they take cover behind a “100% Safety” barrier and set off the explosives. The amount of explosives result in a large scale explosion that not only destroys Andrew’s house entirely, but also sends the two characters flying! Landing on his face in what remains of Andrew’s house, Wolfie sees the the obsidian block is still left unscratched and faints after realizing that their final attempt to get rid of the block was still futile.



—————————————-Previous Concepts Listed Below—————————

Previous Concept for Idea #1:

Two Minecraft adventurers go on a quest for the strongest material in the Minecraft world (diamond), in order to become the best explorers of all time, (or just to create an awesome looking pickaxe!) However, they find themselves in over their heads when they end up digging straight into an abandoned mineshaft full of deadly monsters and no way to escape. Faced in a forlorn situation, can these two “heroes” keep from getting killed? Or killing each other for that matter!?
Alternatively Longer Edition!!: Two adventurers find a block of obsidian mysteriously placed in their house; and are unable to get rid of it no matter what tool they use. After some research, they find out that obsidian can only be removed with the use of a diamond pickaxe. Which they don’t have! Despair draws on one of the adventurers; as the thought of exploring underground gives him a bad feeling. Not to mention that the area underground is filled with monsters! During this time, the other one develops an idea to safely get underground, extract diamonds quick and easily, and then escape back to the surface with their loot. It’s a full-proof plan…well almost was. The two dig a few blocks deep and end up falling into a ravine! Ill-equipped for a survival journey of this level, will these two be able to survive against multitudes of deadly monsters and find the diamonds then need!? Or will these two friends end up going crazy and killing each other first!?


 Previous Idea Concept #2: Create an Achievement Hunter Animated Adventure!

Popularly known for their Let’s Play videos, fans of the Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter community often uses their audio recordings to create an animation.


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