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Case Study

Project: Community Project

Organization: Peekskill Community Gardens

Goal: To research an alternate money raising method (crowdfunding), remaking the logo as a vector, and creating a poster for PCG’s marketing campaign.

Date Started: January 31, 2013

Date Finished: May 16th, 2013 (Last day of class)

In the community project, everyone in the class worked as a team to create 3D objects, webpages, blogs, animations, and posters for the Peekskill Community Gardens. We were also given a certain topic to research such as crowdfunding, 3D printers, UX and UI design, etc. My task in the project was to create posters for PCG’s marketing campaign and to research crowdfunding.

Designing the posters wasn’t easy. Since I was just learning Digital Design at the time, I had no experience with working with an art director and using Illustrator for designs (generally I would use Illustrator for text and symbols). As you can see in the former designs for the posters, the gamma (colors) were way off from what I had originally wanted, and the layout of the posters were not as great as the newer designs. Finding the text to use on the poster was probably one of my favorites parts of the poster design. Originally I wanted to use a short message such as, “Come grow with us.” and using a picture of a person holding a sapling. However, this idea has been used by tons of people already, so I had to take a different approach. I decided I would use text from the PCG website in one poster, and use a related quote about the subject in another poster. While working on the poster designs, I also was given the task to make the PCG logo into a vector image, and create outlines for the logo so it could be imported into the 3D program Maya. Although there was some trouble opening the file in Maya, this task was not very difficult since I was used to using the pen tool in Illustrator from previous experiences. Getting back to the posters, the last issue I had was making the text diverse and flow in the design. Luckily Professor Krikun was there to give me suggestions on how to make the text more diverse and flow in the negative space.

The last part of the project was researching crowdfunding as an alternate money raising method. Before we were planning to use Kickstarter to fund these projects for the community, however after some research, we found that Kickstarter wasn’t the best choice to use for this kind of project. Instead we found an alternative website called GoFundMe. This website proved to be a much better option for the PCG project because they are not as strict with their guidelines and have more options available to use. (Powerpoint: GoFundMe: A Quick Guide)


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