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The First Post of 2014.avi


“I’m a profeshional guise! 。◕‿◕。”

The moral of this story:
There’s a time and a place for mucking around. And this is really not the right time for it!


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Four posts, one WordPress.

━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ ON THE SAME DAY! POSSIBLY WITHIN THE SAME HOUR!? How did I get in such a situation!?

Actually, it’s not much of a mystery. Weekly postings of professional/school related content gets tedious after a certain amount of time.  ( ̄д ̄;) Maybe it’s cause I lack motivation or something along those lines; but now it’s midterm time, and weekly posts on WordPress are also graded!

Also, testing if you can modify the day stated when you post something. Probably can; I just never tried it! (●´∀`●) If it does work, it’s like a convenient time traveling device and no one will ever know these were actually posted on the same day!~

Oh, and if you get post notifications from me on your email, sorry in advance! \o I promise to update once a week like I’m supposed to! (Totally not lying…ok, maybe just a little lying.)