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Ajar Productions: Flash Motion Blur Extension

Download extension here
(Requires Flash CS4 or Higher to work)

Ajar Production’s motion blur extension allows Flash users to easily create a motion blur effect by setting up a motion tween, and using a symbol that is a movie clip. (Note: The motion blur command will convert the symbol to a movie clip if you’ve already set it up as a graphic.) The extension works by analyzing movement in the motion tween, and generates independent blurring values for X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) movements. It can also work with some rotation and movement on the z-plane (3D), but its primarily designed to generate X and Y motions. For ease of use, make sure you have your motion path set up before applying the motion blur (which is found in the Command>Motion Blur menu).


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Door Number 3 ( Austin Humane Society Poster/Print Campaign)

As many of you may, or may not know; I’m currently working on two posters/marketing campaigns for non-profit organizations. The first one (which is a group project in the Digital Projects class) is for Peekskill Community Gardens. The second marketing campaign I’m working on in my Digital Design class is for Mutty Paws Rescue . I’ll be updating those galleries sometime soon, by the way. Getting back to the point; since I’m currently creating/editing my poster designs, I felt obligated to look at existing marketing campaigns that are successful at getting their message across to the viewer and has a great design.

Door Number 3’s poster marketing campaign for Austin Humane Society is one of the most successful marketing campaigns I’ve come across during my search around the web. What I enjoyed most about DN3’s poster designs was how the designer(s) made the type interact around the images on the poster, and the  impact of the language used in their message; which, was a great example between the bonds pets’ share with their owners. Also I like the fact that there was no guilt trip message like many other pet rescue posters have in their message (which drives the viewer away in my opinion)!   So, enough chit chatter, go give DN3’s poster campaign for the Austin Humane Society organization a look right now! (And check out the rest of their work while you’re at it too!)

One of the marketing posters Door Number 3 did for Austin Humane Society.

One of the marketing campaign posters Door Number 3 did for the Austin Humane Society organization.

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Website of the Week Part 2!!

Brief Summary: What kind of entertainment do you enjoy? Maybe you enjoy hunting achievements in video games or a perhaps an internet series based on a popular video game! Or maybe you’re into skits or just plain everyday life. Whichever you prefer, Rooster Teeth provides those and more! Rooster Teeth is very well known for the award winning web series Red vs. Blue, their podcast, and their Achievement Hunter videos. If you’re looking for some entertainment, I highly recommend paying them a visit. (Note: Some of these videos and podcast contain strong language!)

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Website of the Week!

Brief summary: Silent Warriors is a multi-gaming community founded in 2001. They’re well known in the mmorpg Tera Online (Serpentis Isle server) as the Vanarchs of the Ostgarath province. Silent Warriors  has also partnered with projects such as Extra Life and the Wounded Warrior Project.

It’s a neat website they got setup! It’s all fancy, and animated and, and! Just click the link already…