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The Creation Process for Block’d (Part 4): And then there was sound!

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Sound was…really a pain in the neck to work on for some reason. A lot of websites were charging money for using the sound effects I was looking for. So instead, I took the liberty of recording my own sound effects! Not the greatest quality, but hey! It worked out pretty well in the end! I did manage to find some good sound effects from and the actual Minecraft files themselves! Adding the sound to Block’d really helped tighten up the timing of the animation too. Before I had sound, I was having issues with certain parts of a scene being too fast.

And there you have it! The final part of the creation process for Block’d! Unfortunately, you won’t be hearing the sounds just yet, but you will when I upload the finished animation in a few hours (there’s still some fine tuning left to do)!


Author: Ari Brown!

I'm currently a student at Westchester Community College (WCC), who just finished the Digital Arts Certificate, and now I'm working towards the Visual Arts Degree. Not sure what I'll do in the future, but I have a major interest in the video game industry (specifically character/concept design). ---------------------- But anyway! This box has been edited. It's now 100% serious business; cause business is good. Yup! Totally serious stuff here. None of that goofy stuff. Nope! Not here, sir. Never in a million years...or two!

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