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The Creation Process for Block’d (Part 3): Animating and Inbetweens

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Some time later, I managed to get most of the scenes drawn out. In the process of doing that, I found myself removing and replacing scenes. Remember the toolbox scene for example? Yep, that went out the window! It wasn’t because the scene was a bad idea, or out that it was of place in the story, it was omitted due to deadlines. Could I still get the point of the story across without it? Yes. Though it was a great idea, I wanted to focus my priorities on finishing the leftover scenes, and adding the inbetweens to the main scenes.

Animation (WIP version)

Animation (WIP version)


Author: Ari Brown!

I'm currently a student at Westchester Community College (WCC), who just finished the Digital Arts Certificate, and now I'm working towards the Visual Arts Degree. Not sure what I'll do in the future, but I have a major interest in the video game industry (specifically character/concept design). ---------------------- But anyway! This box has been edited. It's now 100% serious business; cause business is good. Yup! Totally serious stuff here. None of that goofy stuff. Nope! Not here, sir. Never in a million years...or two!

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