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Things and stuff. Stuff and things.

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In case the title didn’t show up (again), it says “Be very, very quite.”

I’m hunting wabbits. But seriously, I’m in the middle of a midterm. By the way, tons of new content uploaded under web design!

Kay bye!


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Ack! No updates in a while! D: I’ve been working on designing my website along with other college projects! \o Busy! Busy! Busy! Busy! Busy! Been trying to figure out these CSS codes all day. I can’t seem to get them in the spot I want them at. Kinda stressful, but that’s ok!! I’ve also been working on customizing a friend’s webpage recently.  It used to be so fugly! Now it’s all pretty!~ :3

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Website of the Week Part 2!!

Brief Summary: What kind of entertainment do you enjoy? Maybe you enjoy hunting achievements in video games or a perhaps an internet series based on a popular video game! Or maybe you’re into skits or just plain everyday life. Whichever you prefer, Rooster Teeth provides those and more! Rooster Teeth is very well known for the award winning web series Red vs. Blue, their podcast, and their Achievement Hunter videos. If you’re looking for some entertainment, I highly recommend paying them a visit. (Note: Some of these videos and podcast contain strong language!)