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Things and stuff. Stuff and things.

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Sweded films

Ever seen a sweded film?

How to swede:


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Gaming desktops and stuffz

It’s expensive…like semester money level expensive. Still worth it for the gaming performance! >:L Not sure which one I’ll buy yet, but I’ve been staring at these two gaming desktops for a while now.


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Tera Online Beta Test Weekend Spectacular!



So I was fortunate enough to have a lot of free time on my weekend. And what better way to spend my weekend than by participating in the beta testing the MMORPG I’ve been looking forward to for years…or months…same thing. Well if you said I could’ve been doing work with all that time, you must be crazy. Go see a therapist immediately. Any who, it was an experience of a life time as the game has a lot of depth to it; which I could go into detail about, but then this post would be way too long! (So just watch this demo video below instead!)